Garage Door Openers From Genie

Garage Door Openers From Genie

With some of the best known garage door opening systems around, the Genie brand have been helping doors open since 1954, and still prides itself on adhering to the brand's core principles of market leadership in design, safety and reliable service.

Genie has millions of products in use across the US and the Overhead Door Company of the Los Angeles Basin chooses to use the Genie garage door opening systems because their ‘dependable and high quality’ build gives peace of mind to our customers all over Los Angeles.

Top Quality Genie Garage Door Openers & Why we use them

When it comes to garage door opening systems, you expect the best quality and reliability from the Overhead Door Company of the Los Angeles Basin, and we expect the same from our suppliers. The Genie brand manufactures a range of remote-controlled garage door opening systems and accessories that fit perfectly with these high expectations.

Safety and security are always paramount (explore garage door safety with our in-depth article here) and Genie garage door opening systems can have some excellent features attached, such as their Intellicode remote access security system, that offers literally billions of unique entry and exit combinations every time you use it. We also highly recommend their Safe-T-beam infrared system that can sense objects in the doors path to prevent entrapment, injury and damage to property.

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