RMX Commercial Door Opener

RMX Commercial Door Opener

Overhead Doors

The UL 325 2010 certified RMX® medium-duty commercial operator is designed for quicker installation and hassle-free operation.

The RMX® offers convenient features and technical innovations found nowhere else in a medium-duty operator.

Product Details


  • Single-phase voltages of 115 Volts AC and 230 Volts AC ½ horsepower

Direct Coupling

  • Provides fast, easy installation with fewer parts and better structural support


  • 16-character LCD display provides easy-to-read set-up and diagnostics with backlight for low-light conditions

Cycle Counter

  • Displays the total cycles logged over the operator’s lifetime, to support warranty and service functions

Adjustable Shaft

  • Output shaft can be moved from one side to the other providing flexible installation options

Independent Timers

  • Automatic maximum run timer stops the close function if preset run time is exceeded, allowing for inspection

Control System

  • On-board Open, Close and Stop buttons make set up and testing simple, saving time during installation

Control Buttons

  • Call Mode/Run Mode 
  • Backlight
  • Scroll Up/Down
  • Set/Clear

Automatic Tensioning Belt

  • No adjustment is needed, belt automatically adjusts itself to the correct tension

Exterior Radio Hookups

  • For fast, simple RF connectivity to enable remote door operation

Automatic Set-Up Boards with Socket Lock Protection

  • Prevents accidental wiring errors through “plug and play” technology


RMX® Trolley

  • For use on standard lift doors up to 14 feet high and 620 lbs

RMX® Jackshaft with and without Hoist – Sectional Door

  • For use on vertical lift, lift clearance sectional door up to 16 feet high and 620 lbs.

RMX® Jackshaft with and without Hoist – Rolling Service Doors and Grilles

  • For use with rolling steel doors and grilles up to 16 feet high and 580 lbs. in weight