Vinyl Garage Doors

Overhead Doors

Tough and durable doors crafted from bonded steel, vinyl and polyurethane. Deep raised panels. Strong exterior that minimizes scratches.

Product Details:

Price: $$$$$

Warranty: 15 year limited warranty

Bonded Steel, Polyurethane and Vinyl: Incredible strength, impressive sound absorption and energy efficiency with an R-value of 11.75.

Deep Raised Panels: Rich woodgrain texture for the timeless look of freshly painted hardwood.

Through-and-through color PVC contruction: Color goes all the way through the exterior vinyl skin so scratches are minimized.

UV-resistant resin: Contains special polymers that protect your door from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Twin structural struts: 22-gauge steel C-channels run the full length of each panel and are anchored to interior steel stiles for strength