Wayne Dalton Aluminum Garage Door Model 8800

Wayne Dalton

The Model 8800 offers a variety of glass panel options surrounded by aluminum frames that are available in both powder coat paint and anodized finishes. 

These full-view garage doors are designed to complement the home's clean look. They are the perfect enhancement to glass expanses and patios of modern buildings, fusing indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Product Details

Price: $$$$$ to $$$$$

Brand: Wayne Dalton

Warranty: Up to Lifetime

Reinforcing Fins: Reinforcing Fins along with heavy-duty track and brackets to provide years of smooth, trouble- free operation (The fins are the extruded part of the door section that are not visible through the glass.)

Insulation: Optional polyurethane insulation adds R-value* of up to 4.36

Flexible Vinyl Bottom Seal: Flexible Vinyl Bottom Seal helps prevent dirt and elements from entering your garage.


Full-View doors with equal panel spacing are designed to complement your home’s clean, modern look.

7ft. high

8ft. 2 panels

9ft. 3 panels

16ft. 4 panels

8ft. high

8ft. 2 panels

9ft. 3 panels

16ft. 4 panels


Clear anodized finish is standard. All other finishes are optional.

Powder Coat Finishes



Hunter Green


Anodized Finishes



Dark Bronze


A wide variety of glass colors, tints, and styles are available. Most panel styles are also available in both single pane and insulated configurations. Custom glass layouts and other tempered glass options available.

Bronze tinted

Clear tempered

Gray tinted

Green tinted

Satin etched

White laminated

Manuals and Specifications