Genie Reliag Model 2568 Garage Door Opener

Genie Reliag Model 2568 Garage Door Opener



The Model 2568 provides strength and reliability and has an easy-to-own Screw Drive system requiring no maintenance. 

The Genie ReliaG Pro 2568 provides intelligent design for the homeowner that wants maximum power and speed with stunning design. It offers a maximum opening speed of 7.0 inches per second to provide fast exits and entrances to the garage. 1/2 HP AC motor provides power to operate residential garage doors up to 500 pounds up to 10' high. The Genie ReliaG Pro 2528 delivers maximum lifting force and better reliability.

Special Features:

Motor Type:

  • 1/2 HP AC


  • Screw Drive System

Opening speed:

  • 7 inches per second  

Lighting System:

  • The two 60 Watt bulb lighting system provides added convenience and security.


  • 15 year motor warranty

SmartSet™ programming:

  • Push button programming makes set up fast and easy.

Auto Seek Dual Frequency:

  • The Auto Seek Dual Frequency System ensures the opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference.

Standard Features:

Safe-T-Beam® System:

  • Puts an invisible beam across the door opening. The door stops & reverses to open position if anything passes through the beam.

IntelliCode® 2 Access Security System:

  • Superior encryption technology (also know as rolling codes) that prevents piracy of the radio signal that openers your garage door by continually seeking a new code from billions of combinations.

HomeLink® and Car2U®:

  • Home Automation System compatibility for convenience.

Manuals and Specifications