Genie Reliag Model 3020 Garage Door Opener

Genie Reliag Model 3020 Garage Door Opener



The Genie Model 3020 garage door opener offers the most durable and reliable performance.  Upgrade by choosing the optional battery back up for added security.  

The Genie ReliaG Model 3020 provides a durable and reliable performance. The strong DC motor provides an opening speed of up to 7.0 in/sec.   It has the power to operate residential sectional doors weighing up to 500 lbs. The strong C-channel Rail design helps conceal rotating belt or chain for better aesthetics.

Special Features:


  • DC motor 

Battery backup capable:

  • No more getting locked outside the garage when the power goes out! The battery unit can easily be added to your opener if you so choose.

Soft Start & Stop Control:

  • DC technology allows your door to begin and end its movement smoothly instead of abruptly whenever you operate it. This creates less noise and less wear on the door.

Smart Lighting:

  • The Model 3020 comes with lighting on each side of the powerhead to help spread light around the entire garage.


  • 15 Year Motor Limited Warranty

Strong C-Channel Rail:

  • The Strong C-channel Rail design that also helps conceal rotating belt or chain for better aesthetics.

GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology:

  • This technology delivers the power needed at every movement of the garage door and continuously monitors the operation of the door, stopping operation when significant changes occur. GenieSense minimizes noise, wear and tear on the door, and improves overall safety.

Standard Features:

Safe-T-Beam® System:

  • Puts an invisible beam across the door opening. The door stops & reverses to open position if anything passes through the beam. IntelliCode® 2 Access Security System: Superior encryption technology (also know as rolling codes) that prevents piracy of the radio signal that openers your garage door by continually seeking a new code from billions of combinations.

HomeLink® and Car2U®:

  • Home Automation System compatibility for convenience.

Manuals and Specifications