Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Door Model 8000-8200

Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton's Models 8000-8200 are the entry level steel garage doors, the basic models.The embossed panel designs and optional decorative windows add charm and appeal to any home.

The WD 8000 is an uninsulated, single steel sheet door. WD 8100 and 8200 are insulated with polystyrene insulation. The 8200 has an R-Value* of 7.4, the 8100 has an R-Value of 3.7. The embossed panel designs and optional decorative windows add charm and appeal to any home. For coastal areas or parts of the country with high wind requirements, Wayne Dalton's Models 8000 and 8100 are available with wind load reinforcement. 

Product Details

Price: $$$$$ to $$$$$

Brand: Wayne Dalton

Warranty: Up to Lifetime

Steel Garage Doors: The embossed panel designs adds charm to every home.

Insulation: Model 8100 and 8200 have Polystyrene insulation with an R-value for improved energy efficiency and sound reduction.


Choose from 3 different designs.





Colors may vary slightly from the website images due to fluctuations in paint or staining process.






Not all window options are available with every panel style. Check with us for details.

Cascade 1

Cascade 2

Clear 1

Clear 2

Cathedral 1

Cathedral 2

Prairie long

Prairie short

Sherwood 1

Sherwood 2

Stockton 1

Stockton 2

Waterton 1

Waterton 2

Williamsburg 1

Williamsburg 2


Every piece of our garage door hardware is made from black powder coated steel with a hand-hammered look. Additional accent pieces are available to match or complement each collection.

Handle Arrow

Handle Barcelona

Handle Spear

Handle Conifer

Handle Fleur de lis

Hinge Strap Arrow

Hinge Strap Aspen

Hinge Strap Conifer

Knocker Arrow

Knocker Aspen

Knocker Barcelona

Knocker Conifer

Knocker Fleur de lis

Knocker Spear

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