Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Door Model 9600

Wayne Dalton

The Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Door Model 9600 come with embossed, high tensile steel panels, which give the look of wood with the strength of steel.

The two-coat, baked-on polyester finish is virtually maintenance-free. This finish also makes an excellent base if repainted to match the existing exterior colors of your home. The Model 9600 is constructed with a steel-polyurethane "Toughguard" backer and has an R-Value of 11, giving it an excellent insulating ability the home's thermal efficiency.

Product Details

Price: $$$$ to $$$$

Brand: Wayne Dalton

Warranty: Up to Lifetime

Wind-safe (Optional): Model 9600 is available with hardware and reinforcements to comply with building codes in regions with high winds.

Insulation: The R-11* polyurethane insulation is permanently bonded to the vinyl skin for thermal efficiency and added rigidity.

Silent Glide: SilentGlideā„¢ nylon rollers with solid steel shafts provide years of smooth, quiet and dependable operation.


The Wayne Dalton Vinyl Garage Door Model 9600 is offered in four designs.






The actual door colors may vary slightly from the website images due to fluctuations in paint or staining process.



Desert Tan





Different styles of garage door windows are available. 

Colonial & Contemporary Panel Window Options:

Cascade 1

Cathedral 1

Clear 1

Clear 2

Prairie 1

Stockton 1

Stockton 2

Sherwood 1

Sherwood 2

Waterton 1

Williamsburg 1

Williamsburg 2

Decor Window Options:

Majestic Brass 1

Majestic Brass 2

Majestic leaded 1

Majestic leaded 2

Reflections Brass 1

Reflections Brass 2

Reflections leaded 1

Reflections leaded 2

Ranch Panel Window Options:

Cascade 2

Cathedral 2

Clear 2

Prairie 2

Stockton 2

Sherwood 2

Waterton 2

Williamsburg 2

Decor Window Options:

Majestic Brass 2

Majestic leaded 2

Reflections Brass 2

Reflections leaded 2

Sonoma Panel Window Options:

Arch Stockton

Cathedral 1

Cascade 1

Cascade 3

Clear 1

Clear 2


Stockton 1

Stockton 3


Waterton 3


Hardware options are available.

The Euro Collection:

Hinge Strap Barcelona

Hinge Strap Fleur de Lis

Hinge Strap Spear

The American Collection:

Hinge Strap Arrow

Hinge Strap Aspen

Hinge Strap Conifer

Hammered Knockers:

Knocker Arrow

Knocker Aspen

Knocker Barcelona

Knocker Conifer

Knocker Fleur de lis

Knocker Spear

Lift Handles:

Handle Arrow

Handle Aspen

Handle Barcelona

Handle Spear

Handle Conifer

Handle Fleur de lis

Manuals and Specifications